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opening 2.10, 6 pm
All that glitters is not gold

opening 3.10, 6 pm
Do lunch or be lunch

opening 4.10, 6 pm
The point is: you can’t be too greedy

opening 5.10, 6 pm
There is nothing wrong with being ambitious

October 5, 2018, 6 pm.Berlin – Warsaw collaboration
The project that will take place in the Salon Academy Gallery can be described with the word „collective”. Numerous challenges of coexistence and cooperation are an opportunity for 126 participants from two universities: Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Universität der Künste Berlin. Together they are going to arrange the space, define their relations, plan their actions, means and direction of their expression. Four mixed groups and four subjects are paradoxically an effect of both coincidence and the natural convergence of many factors, which lead inevitably to this situation. „All that glitters is not gold”, „There is nothing wrong with being ambitious”, „Do lunch or be lunch” and „The point is: you can’t be too greedy” as frameworks for young artists are in quite apparent way a reflection of contemporary, often brutal, reality. The subjects were drawn from sayings and speeches of well-known politicians. They are referring to issues as important to the society as power, institutionalism, capitalism, accumulation, individualism and more. On the one hand they express affirmation, on the other a need for redefinition. How to understand those subjects will be most certainly a topic of hot debate inside the groups until the very end. The finale of this project is going to be an exhibition created together by the students from both universities. Within each quarter of the gallery space, we will find “an artistic entity”. For now, that’s the only possible way to describe it. Everything can happen. CAUTION!